How to (AP)

How to Properly Implement the Activator Protocol and Maximize its Benefits!

Best practices for maximizing the experience and benefits of the Activator Protocol (AP);

It is highly recommended prior to experiencing the AP to cleanse the digestive tract of parasites, toxins and backed up compacted fecal matter or it is possible one may experience abdominal pain or cramping. Individual experiences are dependent on past and current lifestyle choices and levels of toxicity. Consult your health care professional for cleansing options such as. Salt Water Flush ( Sole Solution), Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Activated Coconut Charcoal and Calcium Bentonite Clay or Psyllium Husk Shakes.

1. Maximum benefits will be achieved by adopting a mostly Organic and Raw food plant based diet and grass fed antibiotic free range meats non farm raised Fish.

2.Take the AP 2 hours before or after any medication.

3.To achieve maximum absorption it is recommended to take the AP upon waking or before sleeping. Take the AP on an empty stomach one hour prior to a meal and 2 to preferably 4 hours after a meal. The idea is to allow maximum absorption of the AP into the body without competing foods for absorption or the activation will be greatly delayed.

4. Be sure to clear the dropper and shake the bottle prior to sublingual application (otherwise the oil will separate from the blend and settle at the bottom of the bottle so be sure to clear and shake the bottle prior to each use).

5. Take the AP sublingual (under the tongue) allow the activator to absorb under the tongue for 1 - 2 minutes prior to swallowing the longer the better the result, 5 minutes or as long as comfortable is best. (mix the AP with saliva prior to swallowing or you may experience discomfort/choking due to a dry throat.

Start with a 5mg maintenance dose as stated on the bottle and if needed increase by 1mg daily based on the mg strength of your AP product until you reach your therapeutic dose: i.e feeling of wellness. in the case 5mg is too much start back at 1mg then increase by 1mg per day until the desired effect is reached.

For a 250mg bottle  20 drops is equal to 5mg and 4 drops is equal to 1 mg. 
For a 500mg bottle 10 drops is equal to 5mg and 2 drops is equal to 1 mg.
For a 1000mg bottle 5 drops is equal to 5mg and 1 drop is equal to 1 mg.

The therapeutic dose will vary per individual. You will know when have you reach the therapeutic dose once you reach the feeling of a runners high or feeling of wellness, relaxation, relief, no anxiety, calmness.

Example; For Maximum Results; If your therapeutic dose is 30 i.e. a 1000mg bottle = 30 drops, maintain the dose for 3 months daily then begin to reduce gradually by 1-5 mg back to a maintenance dose of 5mg - 15mg per day. Everyone's therapeutic dose will vary due to varying lifestyles. This along with the proper diet described previously may replenish the Endocannabinoid System and allow for faster recovery from your specific condition most effectively and efficiently.

Feel free to experiment for oneself by dividing ones therapeutic dose twice daily there is no right or wrong way in this respect so explore and try to find what works best for ones individual lifestyle and condition.

Thank you for your support and confidence in the unique proprietary blend of the Herbal Organic Activator Protocol (AP).

Customer Support Team